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Why use URL Shortener?

Ever felt overwhelmed by long links with too many weird looking parameters? Or maybe you couldn't recall this 30-character URL you wanted to share so badly? We know these pains all too well. Also, we know the solution --URL shorteners. So, this is 8 reasons why we must use URL shortener: 1. Everyone prefers clean and short links. 2. Short url doesn't have to look spammy, with random combinations of numbers and letters. Shorten link to make more compelling and trustworthy with link customization features. 3. Monitor your effectiveness with clicks tracking. 4. Go beyond number of clicks and see your traffic behavior. 5. Keep all your shortened links and insight in one place. 6. Cut marketing costs by cutting number of characters. 7. Your social previews and thumbnails are safe. 8. SEO? URL shorteners take care of that too.
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